Hello, it is me!

Gasper Bizjak

Fire Service Consultant

Chief Executive Officer

EMS Apps Architect

Cybersecurity Devotee


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I have started my professional career in Fire Service back in 2007. Successfully completed Fire School and joined Fire Brigade Ljubljana where I was involved in more than 1000+ interventions. I got crucial experience from the field, that helped me develop state-of-the-art Fire Station Management System "IGNIS". My career wanted me to follow two jobs - so I became a CEO of BPLANET llc. in May 2010. Since, I have successfully completed more than 160 projects (single handed), from a small scale websites to global platforms. Meanwhile I have been involved in 4 EU projects as a board member, within the consortium consisting partners from universities, municipalities, emergency services and private companies. That got me a chance to travel around EU/USA and most important to broaden my knowledge.